Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Are Thankful

Mrs. Dickey's Class is thankful for:

Drew: I'm thankful for life.

Kaylee: I'm thankful for our free country.

Jackson: I'm thankful for teachers.

Maralee: I'm thankful for all that we have that other people don't have.

Poseidon: I'm thankful for having my family coming over for Thanksgiving to play games.

Gracie: I'm thankful for my education, my family, my house, clothing, and my friends.

Shane: I'm thankful for freedom and a place to stay in, and family.

Raeleigh: I'm thankful for having a roof over my head.

Zoe: I'm thankful for coconut cream pie that my grandpa makes for me.

Aiden: I'm thankful for food, a house, water, and animals.

Carter: I'm thankful for my family.

Katie: I'm thankful for my family and a house and water.

Jacey: I'm thankful for food my grandma makes.

Dylan: I'm thankful for food.

Scarlett: I'm thankful for having school.

Tatum: I'm thankful for an education

Makai: I'm thankful for family and my parents, football, sports, shelter, school.

Dalton: I'm thankful for football, baseball, shelter, family, and parents.

Pte: I'm thankful for baseball, volleyball, family, a rooftop, books, and God.

Leah: I'm thankful for the world.

Cody: I'm thankful for football.

Ayla: I'm thankful for friends, because they can push you to do things you don't think you can.

Brendilou: I'm thankful for my school and the teachers.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Skyping with the Shark Girl

On Wednesday we got to have our first Skype experience this year.  The entire fourth grade joined together in our classroom to meet with Jillian (http://www.shark-girl.blogspot.com/) who is a marine biologist.  The students were so incredibly excited to get a chance to talk to her and were intent listeners through the whole thing.  They asked great questions and learned things about sharks they never knew before.  We have really started to build a love of sharks in this school thanks to Jillian and www.sharks4kids.com.  Get online with your family to learn more about what our kids are learning!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nebraska Days- 2013

This is a video from Nebraska Days, Spring 2013.  I love seeing the kids in this video showing off all of their hard work.  Nebraska Days is my favorite part of the year where the kids write papers about famous Nebraskans and get to be those people for a day.  They write reports, memorize them, and are given the opportunity to share them with their parents and school-mates.  Miss these kiddos and I can't wait until Spring to get the chance to do it all over again!  Watch the video to find out more!  


Thanksgiving Turkeys

Guest Blogger: Drew

Today in class we are making turkeys they are looking really good.

Step 1.get supplies
Step 2.draw an oval in the lower middle of the paper
Step 3.draw a squiggly neck then draw a head.
Step 4.find the middle of the oval then look at the sides and draw lines to the sides then make a dome shape above the oval then connect the two lines with the dome.
Step 5.draw lines in the dome.
Step 6.draw lines inside the lines that you drew.
Step 7.color

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Be safe tonight, everyone! Thanks to all of our parents and helpers for a great day!

The Doctor Will See You Now...

The doctors are in the building today! Fourth grade teachers are having fun being Dr. Piercy, Dr. Anderson, and Dr. Dickey for a day. Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Fall

Just sharing some artwork and board to celebrate Fall! Love this time of year!

Red Ribbon Week

Check out our cowboy gear and crazy socks for red ribbon week! Today is "Scare the drugs away" day... more commonly known as Halloween!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What happens if you smoke?

A medical student from the University of Nebraska-Medical Center came to teach us about the harmfulness of tobacco. She did a fantastic job of including us in group activities that helped us learn more about tobacco.

"Would you guys like to be able to pay for college or smoke for 10 years?" They were smart and answered, "Pay for college!"

Reasons that tobacco is bad for you.  These kids got to be the "sticky people."

Drinking through different sizes of straws to show how smoking affects the lungs.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sharing the Ropes

The kids have been having fun at recess practicing their jump roping skills. They even learned to share the ropes of a partner and jump at the same time! Pretty impressive, ladies! Jump Rope for Heart is Wednesday at the PAC from 3:45-5:15.

How Does a Seed Grow

Science this week has included learning about plant growth and reproduction. Here is our "How does a seed grow" pinto bean experiment. So far, nothing much has changed, but we are hoping to see changes soon! Ask your student if they can tell you something about fertilization and germination.

Caramel Apples

Fall is always more fun with caramel apples! Thanks, Cody!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thank You Cupcakes

As a thank you to the fourth graders for helping out last week, Mr. White bought a tree cupcake for each of them. The cupcakes were very yummy and it was a treat to have them on Friday. Thank you, Mr. White!