Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sharks are Awesome!

We have had a rare opportunity in fourth grade this year to get to use Skype and Google Hangout in the classroom to talk to some experts about sharks!  Our first field trip took us to San Diego, California where we got to meet with Mike who has worked for Sea World for 20 years.  He answered tons of questions from us.  Then, on Monday, we visited with Jillian, who works in the Bahamas and is a marine biologist, like Mike.  They are from different places, but both of them shared many stories with us about Sharks and what we can do to get the word out about why they need help.  Ask your student to tell you more about all they have learned about Sharks.

Also, check out the website where we first saw Jillian, too!  There is plenty more to learn!

Mr. Horst setting up our Google Hangout with Sea World in San Diego.

Mike, From Sea World

Sharks at Sea World

Jillian sharing pictures during our Skype session

Jillian's Scuba Gear

Jillian scuba diving

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cowgirl Peg- Author Visit

Cowgirl Peg visited the school Monday. This group of 8 dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls to welcome her!  

Showing off their autographed copies.
Austin even got an extra special signature to add to her cast!