Tuesday, February 24, 2015

High School Visitors Talk About Black History

We were very fortunate last week to have two awesome volunteers, Hunter and Brooklyn, come to our class to teach us about the Brown family.  These two have been working on their Nebraska History Day project since the beginning of the year and you can see how much hard work has gone into creating their website.  Miss Kourtney introduced her brother and his friend to the class.  Their presentation about Oliver and Linda Brown who were the center of the Supreme Court Case Brown V. the Board of Education in 1954.  There were other cases that were also a part of this court case, but they all worked together to help this landmark case make history.

During this part of the presentation, Brooklyn numbered off the students and they were separated into two groups.  They were then told what their rights would be if they had been black or if they had been white.  They were told they couldn't go to school with, play with, or even talk to the kids in the other group.  The unfairness was immediately apparent and this taught an excellent lesson.

As Black History Month is coming to a close, I really hope that my students remember the things we have learned and that they are encouraged to continue learning more about racism and segregation in our country.  Maybe they will even be encouraged to do the NHD project themselves when they get into 6th grade and beyond!  Thanks and good luck to Brooklyn and Hunter at your competition!  We will be rooting for you!

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