Thursday, May 21, 2015

Last Class Pic!

One last post, and we will call it a year! Mrs. Chasek and I had so much fun with this class of fourth graders.  They have been a great group and it is sad to say goodbye as they are on their way to the Middle School next year.  Thanks for a great year, everyone!  Don't forget to go to the library this Summer and to get outside and enjoy every minute of it!  Come back and say hello sometime.

Nebraska Program

I am so incredibly proud of my class for all the hard work that went in to preparing for the Nebraska Program.  This program is something that fourth graders in Chadron have done now for 40 years, so keeping that tradition should make us all proud.  From writing first drafts and final drafts, to typing their final copies and memorizing each word, many hours were put into this big day.  Not to mention all of the art activities that were completed in the process. Throughout the process of getting ready for the program, the students learned much about their great state and the amazing people who were born or lived here for some period of their lives.  Many thanks to all of the people who gave of their time to make this awesome event take place.  It put a smile on my face to watch the students each get their moment in the spotlight.

Nebraska Program Practice and Oregon Trail Trunks

Here are some pictures of the students with their Oregon Trail Trunks.  They did a fantastic job of creating and finding items to fit inside of their trunks.  I'm always amazed by all of the fun things that families are able to think up through this project.  Thanks to everyone who helped them get these ready!