Friday, December 4, 2015

Elapsed Time Homework Help (A Guide for Parents)

This week I wanted to blog about a helpful homework hint some of you might want to know!  I'm sure at this point in the school year, many of you have helped your students with math homework problems about elapsed time.  You may have also noticed a missed problem on a test or homework sheet regarding elapsed time as well.  This is a struggle for many students at this grade level and I really wanted to find a great new strategy this year to help tackle this issue head on. 
So, like all great original ideas... I got on Pinterest, and here is what I found:

A video:  These teachers use a little skit to show us how to use a T chart to find elapsed time.

A visual: This poster is a sample we used in class to practice what the video showed us about using T charts on two different types of elapsed time problems.

I just wanted to share our ideas!  Students sometimes need some extra tools in their tool boxes for problem solving and this is a great one.

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