Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Best Day Ever! CHS FBLA Visits CIS

Our fourth grade class got to be a part of a really cool project today.  Three FBLA members from CHS, Jadyn, Greta, and Kaci, did a lesson on economics with our class that included... wait for it... Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!  They really did a fantastic job introducing topics like supply, demand, profit, revenue, etc.  The students were so engaged while getting a chance to learn more about how businesses work through games, word searches, and making up actions to help them to remember new vocabulary terms.  They also were rewarded with a sweet treat of five different flavors to test taste and the most votes went to Cherry Garcia.  Thanks so much to the lovely ladies who brought this project to our room and to all of the FBLA members who came along to help out.  It was tons of fun and we wish you the best of luck in competition!